Book Review of Sweet Surrender

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Ladies and Gentlemen and all followers of my blog I have a very special treat. I had the pleasure of reading the title Sweet Surrender written by TES and will be interviewing the author here on my blog. So stay tuned to get the authors thoughts on writing and all the juicy details on her main characters Marcus and Carolyn.

Now on to my review. As you all know I am a sucker for a good story. My first thoughts when reading the sales copy on the back cover is that we have all read about the womanizing playboy with more women than he can handle meeting the intriguing beauty who has him swooning. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read the authors twist.

TES took this classic story and turned it into an intellectual, self-exploration that leads to love. I was pleasantly surprised to see how strong the main female character Carolyn was. Her confidence oozed from the page making me stop to reflect upon my own behaviors and approach to love. She had a no-nonsense approach to men but was still open enough to express her feelings, wants desires and happiness.

Carolyn stroked Marcus’ mind as opposed to his huge ego and that sent him on a mind trip he couldn’t run away from. When he came face to face with his insatiable sex drive and unwillingness to commit to any one woman he had no other choice but to examine himself.

Each character comes alive in a refreshing new way. The author left me in a constant state of asking. I compared my relationships and examine myself throughout the book. Very engaging writing style that will leave the reader trying to find their own road to self-love.

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    Thank you for the favorable review. I’m *very* happy that you enjoyed this story. It’s not for everyone, but those who get into it seem to get a lot more than what they expected, which is what I intended when I wrote it. And please forgive the typos in the story, by the time I caught them the book was already in print. I hope they did not distract from the story.

    I look forward to answering your interview questions.

    Thanks again!

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