Book Review! Shakedown: The Church Street District

Shakedown: The Church Street District

It’s not often I run across an excellent read. So I was pleasantly surprised at the Shakedown: The Church Street District. It’s a gritty tale that captured my attention from the first page. The story follows a displaced Katrina survivor named Tony who finds success as a night club owner in FL. Things go terrible wrong when Patrick a notorious thug decides to get paid from all of Tony’s hard work.

Tony refuses but finds himself preparing for an all out street war. This fast paced tale is a literary page turner. I couldn’t put the book down and found myself engrossed with each detail. The brutality of the violence is so well written you almost feel sorry for the victims. I loved the story from start to finish. Compelling ending that leaves you wanting more from author Shawn P.Lytle

Shakedown: The Church Street District can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

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